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Proposition de stage à l'INSA de Lyon (Laboratoire MATEIS et GEOMAS)

Plant-based concretes characterization of the vegetal particle / binder interface

The research project focuses on the experiment evaluation of the Interaction Transition Zone (ITZ) between the cement and vegetal for different couple cement/ vegetal particles. The protocol consists in studying the surrounding area of the vegetal particles poured in a cement matrix by visual observations (image analysis, microscopy) and microstructural characterization (X-Ray Diffraction, Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy…).

This project will therefore be carried out in these following stages:
• Literature review on cement, plant particles, ITZ (Master thesis, publication),
• Experimental tests with different binders (Prompt cement, pozzolanic cement CEM IV/A (P), LC3 based on a blend of limestone and clay calcined and cement CEM II/C (Q-LL), a cement sulfo-aluminate cement) and vegetal particles (hemp, rapeseed, miscanthus, bamboo)
• Microstructural (XRD, FTIR, infrared microscopy) and chemical characterisations of ITZ (image analysis, micromechanical characterizations).
• Impact of the couple binder/ vegetal particles on hydration process at the interface.

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